Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sweet Kids

I just have to share that my two youngest children have been playing so well together for almost the last week! Not that they don't usually, but they have been preferring to play with each other exclusively.

They have had a lot of fun with Barbie's and Barbie cars, making up and acting out stories, playing in creative ways with their stuffed animals, etc. It is so awesome to see their imaginations at work!

I have just been very thankful that the youngest has been happily occupied with fun play, rather than wanting to watch TV. He tends to really get "attached" to certain things if we let him! That is something we are working on in a big way!

I will post some pictures when I can "catch" them at play again! I forgot to do it earlier!

Have a blessed day!

This is my youngest son. His sister didn't want to be in the picture for some reason!

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