Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mystery Dinner Fun!

My oldest daughter attended her first Mystery Dinner this past Friday hosted by our local homeschool group. Last year, she and I both helped as servers, but this year she was able to "attend" and be part of the fun as a 7th grader.

This is an event that our group hosts each year for our 7th-12th grade children. The parents and graduated teens (of our families) are the ones who put on the event. It is always a blast!

This year the theme was Pirates of the Caribbean. We decorated with "pirate" chests with "jewels, gold and silver", "gold" coins on the tables, etc. Many of the kids and parents dressed up in a pirate theme. Prizes were given for the best costumes (voted on by the kids). They all had a wonderful time!

In case you are wondering what a Mystery Dinner is.... it is a dinner where there is a menu written using names related to your theme (pirates). The kids fill out an order card for 4 items from the menu for each of the 3 courses. They don't know what they are ordering! Utensils are included in the choices, so there is always the chance that you may receive messy food without anything to eat it with! It is always great fun to see how they react when they get their food. The food this year was Mexican themed with additional items like salad, fruit, pudding and brownies.

Here are a few pictures of the event!

My daughter in her "pirate" outfit--not too piratey but she looked cute anyway!

The whole gang!

My daughter and her friend filling out their menus!


Sher said...

I love this idea. I have a Mystery Weekend and a Mystery Party, both of which there was a "M#rder" involved and you were to figure out which of the gests are the "K###er". It always sounded like they had fun but I didn't want to be around death ... even for fun?! So this sounds like a great idea of FUN (true Fun)

HeartsDesire said...

How much fun!! I think that would be great for adults, too.

Grafted Branch said...

Fun! A rite of passage, it sounds like.