Monday, October 30, 2006

Friendship Bags

A fellow blogger recently reminded me of something we had done about a year ago. We often see people at the intersections of the highways near us asking for money, etc. I don't like to just give out money but I came across this idea in an email newletter I receive. The information is now posted here. When we first did the bags, we followed most of what was listed at that site.

I decided we needed to make more bags to have on hand to give out as we are driving around. So, today the kids and I worked on getting 12 bags ready to hand out. Below is the list of what we included this time around.

Card about Forgiveness found in Christ
Card with info on contacting our church
fruit cup (peel top)
raisin pack
2 pks of cheese crackers
granola bar
bottle of water
beef jerky/beef stick
hand wipes
tooth towels
pack of gum
tooth flossers
(gallon size ziploc bags)

We assembled all the items in each gallon size ziploc bag. I think these bags will hold up better than the paper bags we used last time.

Below are some pictures of what we included and of the kids working on assembling them.

The boys wanted to build with the items before packing them into the bags!


sarah walston said...

What a great idea! And good for you for actually doing it! :)

HeartsDesire said...

Great idea Wendy. We plan on doing this as well, as soon as we get some boxes sent to Iraq first. I can't start too many projects at once. Husband would not be happy if I overdo it, again.