Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Helpful Devotions

I had previously mentioned that I would share about several devotions the Lord had brought before me over the past month.

Just as I was getting prepared to start my new exercise and eating plan, I read this devotion . (go to the site, click on previous devotions, then choose "Just Do It".)

A friend of mine had shared about the Above Rubies Ministry and I happened to be checking out the website when I found the above mentioned devotion. You can sign up to receive their weekly devotion by email.

This first devotion I read "Just Do It" was great inspiration to go ahead and get started with my plan, not to delay any further. I even used this devotion with my kids that day after I read it.

More recently they sent out a two part devotion titled, "Resolute". You can find it by visiting the website, then clicking on Weekly Devotions for Mothers. They only have Part 1 posted but they did email out part 2 also.

She goes over 10 affirmations for you and your children to help you stand resolute for God and His truth. Each affirmation is supported by scriptures you can use to teach and affirm each point to yourself and your family.

One thing that really struck me from Part 1 of "Resolute" is the Affirmation at the end (she always includes a prayer and an affirmation for you to focus on at the end). It is a quote:

"The braces within me shall be greater than the pressures upon me."
E. Stanley Jones

It just makes me stop and I building up those "braces" within me so that I can withstand the pressures put upon me from the outside?

What is/are the braces within us? As a Christian, your "brace" is God, the Holy Spirit in you! Are you building up your spirit inside by reading, studying and applying God's Word? Are you taking time to pray--not just to ask for things, but to really pour your heart out and then listen for the Lord to speak to you? The Lord longs for us to come to Him open and ready to fellowship with Him alone. This takes time... it is something we need to make a priority in our lives. Just as we would not neglect our earthly husbands, how much more should we be putting forth effort to love on our Heavenly Father!?

It is so easy to get "washed along" by the day-to-day to-do list, emergencies, etc. The time spent with the Father can supply us with so much more than we can ever supply for ourselves. The Lord will accomplish all that needs to be done each day through us, if we will let Him instead of us trying to do it in our own strength. I know this to be true and often wonder how I can get so off track and carried away by all I need to do without stopping to get filled up and ask for direction from the One who knows best!

Even little things we do throughout the day to acknowledge where the Lord is already working will build up our Spirit. It helps us to keep our hearts focused on who is actually in control of all things! It isn't us, but the Lord! We can walk in joy and peace that comes only from the Lord despite whatever is around us if we will just keep our "heart, soul and mind" focused on the Lord instead of ourselves.

The last few days the kids and I have been studying about loving and obeying our Lord with wholehearted devotion. The verse we worked on today was:

Matthew 22:37-38

Jesus replied, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind." This is the first and greatest commandment.

We also read from 1 Chronicles 28:8-10 which relates David's instructions to Solomon as he is passing the torch of leadership to his son. He admonishes Solomon to seek and serve
the Lord wholheartedly.

It is a really great passage.

Anyway, I hope to share more of what the Lord is teaching me over the coming days. I will also do another post soon about what we are using for our Bible time (in addition to our school related studies) right now.

May God bless you as you make seeking Him a priority in your life!


Sherri said...

I loved your post! Spending time with God should be our top priority. And it is so easy to let the time slip by without meeting with Him.

Thank-you for your encouraging words on my xanga! You're a blessing!

HeartsDesire said...

Awesome insights, Wendy. When we are in God's word daily, it's so much easier to walk in His will.