Sunday, October 08, 2006

First Recital!

My three oldest children had their first music rectial this weekend. It was an informal event as most of the kids have only been taking lessons with this teacher for 6-12 months. She wanted them to get used to playing in front of people before making it a formal event! They will have their formal recital in April 2007.

All the kids were a bit nervous with this new adventure. My oldest was first in the line up, so she was extra nervous! They all did well! It was a small crowd of mainly immediate and extended family--everyone was encouraging of course!

The actual playing time for all 8 children was only about 15 minutes! We had a nice time visiting afterward with the other families.

The Lord has truly blessed us to be able to take lessons from this teacher who happens to be in my homeschool support group. She has been wonderful with the kids and they are loving their lessons.

We look forward to all the wonderful music the children will be learning for the next recital!

Mee-Maw (my mom) gave the kids flowers as they each finished their songs. She had my youngest son hand them out. She also got one flower for him!

This is our entertainer! (He just has to pull his socks up all the way....)


Grafted Branch said...

Precious. I love that y'all "pull out all the stops" with flowers and family and the whole thing. It's something they'll surely remember.

And Bethany...stick with that guitar! I sure wish I had.

Anonymous said...

Wendy - this is great! Thanks for sharing the photos! I love the flower idea!

HeartsDesire said...

Wendy, I had read this earlier, but hadn't had a chance to comment. I am looking forward to having time for music lessons. Please let me know if your teacher is taking any more students. I'll be on the hunt soon.