Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Seven year old's thoughts

"When I am 16 I am going to make a machine so I can make a double of myself so I can punch him because he won't have any strength or fighting skills, he will be weak and puny."

--By my youngest son (7 yrs old, not afraid of anything or anyone---and loves to practice his "fighting skills" with Dad!)

--He went on to say that it would be a clone and discussed what it might be like with his 11 yr old brother. It is amazing what this little guy comes up with! His thoughts are way bigger than he is, and they always have been!

--He really wants to have his own boxing punching bag to practice on.

(No, we don't encourage him to fight, but he is always wanting to show how strong he is and practices mainly with Dad. He knows better than to do it to other kids unless he is defending himself.)

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