Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Rememberance of Merlyn Hirst

I originally started this in June 2007 when my grandma passed on. I have just finished it. I will leave it here for a bit and then put it in the right order.

My grandma, Merlyn, at 17 yrs old in 1944.

My grandma, Merlyn Hirst, passed away this Wednesday evening. I was able to spend a little time with her this past week before she passed away, but, oh, how I regret all the time I could have spent with her before she got sick this time.

I wanted to record a few of my fond memories of my Grandma here. She was a strong, independent woman in many ways. She took care of her 4 kids for many years on her own as my grandfather was away with work.

Her house was always the one we stayed at the most when we went to visit our extended family (my father's parents were also in the same city during that time). We always looked forward to going there to visit them. We had some kids in the neighborhood we had come to know, they had these cool mini-grapes growing along the patio posts for many years, they usually had a dog to play with and so many little things in their house that I remember from our visits when we were growing up. She always had goodies for us when we came to visit or she came to visit us.

We went on a number of trips with them--camping and RVing. I have a lot of wonderful memories of the time spent with my grandparents growing up. They have both passed on now.

Thank you Grandma for all the love you shared with us over all the years of your life!


Walston Family said...

Wendy! I'm so sorry. You never told me that she had passed away. I knew she was nearing that but you never said anything. I'm a terrible friend and always forget to read people's blogs....

Karen said...

I love that picture of Granny Wendy. I miss her. Karen

Wendy said...

Yes, the picture is neat! I miss her also!!