Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 14th Anniversary!

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary! We actually did our celebrating last week when hubby was off. We were able to spend a couple of days away while my in-laws watched our kids. We didn't go far, but it was a nice break!

We stayed at a friends condo for a couple of nights, went swimming and out to dinner. We enjoyed our time alone to just hang out and talk about different things without kids and interruptions.

My husband had to go out of town this morning at the last minute, so I will just be with the kids today.

My oldest daughter was kind enough to make us breakfast this morning "since I didn't have a chance to get you a gift"! Below is a picture of the pancakes she made for us. She is so thoughtful and wants to do things for us when she can. Thank you for blessing us with your thoughtful breakfast, my dear daughter!

We have had 14 wonderful years and plan to have many, many more ahead of us! We have had our ups and downs, but the Lord has been faithful to lead us through every trial growing closer through it all. We have grown and matured in our relationship with one another as well as with the Lord through the years.

Thank you hubby for all the love, patience, faith and understanding you have shown me through the years! You are a blessing beyond words and I am still so thankful that the Lord brought us together when He did!

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Gwendolyn said...

It sounds like you had a lovely anniversary! Congratulations on 14 years!