Friday, September 14, 2007

Christy - part 1

I have been reading the book Christy by Catherine Marshall. This is a great book set in the early 1900's in the mountains of Tennessee. It is a fiction book, though it is based on real people and events. Really more of a historical fiction book in my opinion. I would recommend it for older teens and adults as there some sensitive topics discussed that younger children/teens wouldn't understand (or need to know about yet).

I want to share some of the passages I have come across that have touched my heart and/or made me think. I hope you will find them thought provoking also! I will do several posts with these thoughts I would like to share.

From page 95--spoken by Miss Alice--

"Christy, you have questions on your mind. I'm glad you do. Perceptive people like you wound more easily than others. But if we're going to work on God's side, we have to decide to open our hearts to the griefs and pain all around us. It's not an easy decision. A dangerous one too. And a tiny narrow door to enter into a whole new world.

"But in that world a great experience waits for us: meeting the One who's entered there before us. He suffers more than any of us could because His is the deepest emotion and the highest perception.

"Not mind you, that He approves of suffering or wills it. Quite the opposite. And He doesn't just leave us and Himself in the anguish. At the point where His ultimate in love meets His total capacity to absorb and feel all our agony, there the miracle happens and the exterior situation changes. I've seen that miracle."


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