Thursday, August 31, 2006

Random Thoughts

Well, I have done more reading and responding to others lately than sitting down to compose my own posts!

Even now I am sitting here in a half daze, tired but not wanting to go to bed yet. Trying to make sure the kids get in bed and go to sleep. Oldest daughter is reading books to the youngest right now. It has become a beloved time for them with youngest son really becoming attached to oldest daughter now.

My computer is in the loft, so I can hear all to make sure they are where they are supposed to be. Oldest son is watching football with Dad--his new "privilege" now that he is 10 and understands what is going on! Dad has even set up a Fantasy football league and oldest son gets to try out having his own team! It's a father/son thing that is good for oldest son.

I have shared some comments with a cyber "friend" on her site that you can read here and here. They are related to homeschooling and the challenges we face.

I hope to spend some time collecting my thoughts about some topics I would like to share about so that it will come out right! I have a tendency to say things in the wrong way at the wrong time if I am not careful!

The Lord has really been showing me things and pointing out verses and areas I need to study and work on. I am so glad that He is faithful even when we aren't as we should be. That He is always there ready to help, redirect and encourage us when we take the time to ask! He wants so much for us to keep our whole selves focused on Him at all times. The more we focus on the Lord instead of ourselves and our "to-do" lists, the better things can run--not necessarily in the way we expect, but definitely for the better in the long run.

I am happy to be available to help my friends when I can--giving my time to watch children, take them places, etc. is something I love to do and doesn't cause me any stress. (Thankfully my one friend is out of the hospital now. The Lord was good in this situation and she is doing much better resting at home.) It may cause "my" plans to be changed, but I have learned that as I serve others, the Lord will make up for the time we "lose" from our schedule in ways I never expected.

Like noticing yesterday that oldest son is reading to youngest son. Youngest son says, "He is teaching me to read!" They have been reading the book over and over and oldest son is trying to help him recognize the words they are reading. The way my kids have finally sprouted a great desire to read and to learn to read better has been exciting! They don't see their reading lessons as lessons--just as a fun time to read. They are improving more and more and I love it!

I love how my kids are so creative and love to come up with "games" to play together. These are usually play-acting type games. Sometimes related to things we study, sometimes things they just come up with themselves, some are recurring themes like superheroes. They all have roles and work out who does what next, etc. This usually occupies them for a long time on a good day! They will also do things like play store. The boys one day (the youngest started this) made a store in their room and actually priced items that they set out, brought you in to show you the merchandise and then wanted us to pay them for things. It was fun and he had written the signs himself after copying the numbers from price signs Dad had brought home from work.

I feel like I learn something new every day about my kids. The Lord seems to really be pointing out certain unique qualities and needs in each of my children. I am trying to pay better attention to these areas and be sensitive to their needs. Oldest daughter is almost a teen and has come through some big changes recently. I am trying to be encouraging and supportive to her in these areas. She has a great heart for the Lord and we will be spending some one on one time each week studying the word together soon. This will give us more time to talk. It is difficult to have good "talks" with 3 other kids running around. The only time ends up being late at night, but she needs her sleep almost more than the younger ones!

Oldest son is now 10. He also seems to be going through some changes in interests, thought processes, etc. We are working on making sure he has time with mom and dad so he, too, can express his thoughts and feelings. He tends to keep everything to himself but will sometimes get very upset and we don't know what led up to it.

It is an exciting time right now in so many ways! I look forward to seeing the Lord work on our lives each day. I am excited about what He is showing me in His word. I hope to post some of my thoughts soon!

That's it for now.... :)

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