Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Grocery Game

Hi, all! I did my first "official" grocery game shopping trip on Tuesday evening.

It went fairly well. I ended up saving about $57.00 buying mainly things I always buy. Since I am just getting started with this "game", I only have a certain selection of coupons built up so far. I am sure it will get better as we go along and I can stock up on the things on sale instead of just what we need right now! This was a big shopping trip for us with many things I had to buy now that I didn't have coupons for yet.

You can learn more about about the grocery game at:

If you decide to try it out, please use me as a referral:

I will post updates about this "experiment" as I make shopping trips! It has helped me to be more aware of what is on sale and what is available.

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Sarah Walston said...

Cool! That's awesome Wendy! Can't wait to read more about your future trips!