Friday, August 04, 2006

Checking In....

Things have been a bit crazy the last couple of weeks. I am not sure what made me decide to try to start our new school year in the same week that I am hosting a Baby Shower for a friend on Saturday and having my son's tenth birthday on Sunday! What was I thinking....!

So, now I am running around like a crazy person trying to prepare for this Baby Shower--the first one I have ever hosted by the way, and my son's birthday party, clean the house, do school with the kids, etc., etc. I should be in bed right now but I decided to just do a quick post since I haven't updated in a while!

I plan to update my homeschool blog after this fun weekend with our plans and get some things posted here that I have been thinking about!

God works in such mysterious ways.... I just recently was put back in touch with a good friend that I haven't seen much of the past couple of years. It is weird how that happens even when you live in the same town! But different lives and changes cause it. We used to work together and attend the same church but things changed. It was great meeting with her tonight to get caught up on the past two years and make plans to see each other more.

We actually live a bit closer now that we have both moved to new houses. It is fun to see how much the kids have grown up! Anyway, it is just interesting to see how things come about in our lives. We definitely have a good Father watching over and directing our lives!

I am off to bed so I can get up early to run errands and clean house before pool time tomorrow!

The kids are doing great and seem to be learning by leaps and bounds in various areas they had previously struggled in. It is so true that once they hit their maturity level, their learning multiplies!



Sarah Walston said...

I like the new blog. You changed your template. It's nice!

I always think it's fun when God brings old friends back into the picture. I like to stay in contact with everyone FOREVER - but sometimes people just drift apart. There's a natural cycle to it..or supernatural cycle to it!

HeartsDesire said...

Wendy, nice to "hear" from you again. You're not crazy, your a supermom. So typical of us to take on more than we can handle.