Monday, June 19, 2006

Reading Time Update

I just have to share that Daddy is continuing to be faithful with reading to the kids every night! The boys always ask for it and are loving the special one on one time they get with Dad just before bed!

It still touches my heart every time they ask to be read to and when I hear my husband remind them that they better get in bed if they want to hear their story. I have also read to them when Daddy was working a few evenings last week. They definitely are loving our return to our bedtime tradition!

The time we take to read to our children is so important and can be such a blessing to us as parents also!

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Sherri said...

Bedtime reading has always been a favorite time at our house too. Darrell read to my older boys for many years. Now I'm reading to Noah at bedtime, and he really loves it.