Monday, June 19, 2006

A New Pet!

"Mr." Pounce

I meant to post this last week, but we have been very busy!

My youngest son just received his first pet! He now has a rabbit that he named Pounce (because he pounces when we runs in the back yard!).

He is so excited to have his very own pet to take care of and is so cute with him!

Pounce is a very friendly little guy. He likes his cage but doesn't really like hopping on the kitchen floor! Zachary takes him outside in the back yard on a harness and leash (just so he is easier to catch) every day. Pounce loves running in the grass in the back yard. After a time of "pouncing" through our (currently very tall) grass, he will stop to rest and eat some of the grass.

We are enjoying him so far!


HeartsDesire said...

Oh, I miss our bunny. They are just great pets. So sweet, yet so easy to take care of. Pounce is such a cute name for a rabbit.

Grafted Branch said...

I had a pet named Pounce once...he was the nicest black cat ever the Lord made for our company!