Friday, June 09, 2006

Daddy's Reading Time!

I just have to share how much my kids, especially the boys, are loving having their dad read to them at bed time!

This is a "new" (really a return) to what we used to do with the kids. Last week over dinner out, I was talking to my husband about wanting to get back to a more consistent bedtime routine which included reading to the kids. This is something I used to do more consistently but with many changes in our life, home, etc. in the last year, things had gotten kind of crazy. I love this because, he started it that next night while I was out scrapbooking with a friend! The boys are asking him to read to them every night! I love it! I am always looking for ways to get my husband more involved with what we are doing and the kids relish the time Daddy spends with them, so this is great!

He is reading to them right now! Yes, it is late, but we had Bible Study tonight and the kids went with us (usually they are with Grandparents on Friday nights). There isn't much for them to do so they were actually all asleep by 8:30! We had to wake them up to come home, so they asked Dad to read to them--so he is! I just love hearing him read to them!

I just had to share because the fact that he is doing this on his own with them is so encouraging! They get to listen to me read to them all day long, but not Daddy!

Have a blessed night!


Sarah Walston said...

Very Cute!! I love when Royce leads family stuff - makes it sweeter.

HeartsDesire said...

Wendy, wow. Congrats on having your husband take that on so quickly. He must have really been listening to take action so fast. By the way, your blog is very cute. I love your title. It reminds me a little of an 80s movie, you know the one, only girly.