Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Resurrection Day preparations!

I wanted to share some of the resources we are using this year to prepare for you might have time to try them out before Sunday!

First, Passover begins tonight. I love that it is before Easter this will really help us to focus on how God had a plan for redemption from the very beginning!

We were going to do a lot to celebrate Passover, but time has gotten away from me, so we will do some simple things like make unleavened bread and read through the story in Exodus and discuss how the original Passover relates to what Jesus has done for us! It is so awesome to see how God planned things out and how it all fits together!

Here is one resource that I use over and over. It is: A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays

You can find it here:

It can be purchased as an ebook, so you can get access right away! It is on sale right now!

I am using some of the ideas and recipes from it today for our Passover preparations.

There are also two great Easter recipes with stories that we usually use each year.

One is Resurrection Cookies which can be found here:

The second is for Resurrection Rolls...which my kids love making every year! I have the recipe posted with pictures here:

A friend just shared a great story with me that we will start reading tonight and read a little each night leading up to Easter. It is called The Story of the Other Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke. You can find it here: Once you are there, you will need to pick one of the links to download from.

I will post updates about how our Passover and Easter plans go!

May you have a blessed week!

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