Thursday, May 10, 2007

Harvest Honey Cake

A friend of mine has inspired me to do some baking! She has been making a new, yummy dessert each day this week!

I worked on making Banana Bread and then making a new cake called Harvest Honey Cake. The recipe is from a Pampered Chef cookbook (and one that is "from scratch"). I used mostly organic products to make it, so it was even a little "healthy" for you!

Baking is one thing that we used to do a lot of but have gotten away from doing. I want to do more cooking with my kids in the coming months so they will know how to cook a variety of items and help with meal preparations!

Here are a few pictures of my oldest daughter helping with the cake and then the finished products.

These are the apples she cut up for the bake.

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Sarah Walston said...

Ok well...glad the peanut butter cake and then the peanut butter pie were inspirations for healthy food! HA! Yesterday we had chocolate chip cookies and tomorrow will be caramel macchiato cheesecake. Non-organic. Because I simply just don't care. hee hee :)