Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Update on life....

Well, it has been awhile since I have written on any of my blogs. I can tell you that it isn't because I haven't thought about it. It is just because I haven't made the time to do it!

Currently we are working through many activities related to school, music lessons, basketball season, ballet classes, support group duties, etc., etc. It is a busy semester but we are enjoying the activities and the kids are doing very well!

My oldest son is participating in his first season of "organized" sports. He is enjoying it and is learning more each day. His team has done fairly well so far this season (even though they don't really track "standings" for the teams). His skills are improving with each practice and game. Thankfully, he is very attentive and obedient towards his coach, unlike some of his team mates! He is seeing first hand what happens when others don't pay attention to the coach (the whole team running for 10 minutes straight!).

The girls continue to enjoy their ballet classes and the younger one has moved up to the "big girls" class for the time being. Eventually, there will be a class just for her "in-between" age group. She has done well with the change as several other girls her age have also joined in.

My youngest son, almost 7, has started his "music training". The other three have been taking lessons since last April. He started last month working on rhythm lessons which will eventually lead to him learning to play drums (probably other instruments also). He is doing very well with what he is learning and is so happy to have some time to have his own lesson! He wants to learn guitar also (like his big sister) but we will wait until he is older to work on that.

The other kids are also all doing very well with their lessons, especially the oldest two. Their teacher has been giving each of them more challenging and varied work to keep them busy and interested in what they are learning. They will have a Spring recital in April.

My oldest daughter is gearing up for the Spring Ball our homeschool group hosts each year. She already has her dress. We found the dress for an unbelievable price about 2 weeks ago. I am in charge of making all the "tickets" that we will be selling starting this Friday for the Ball. I did them last year also. I enjoy being creative in this way. I will have 100 of the tickets ready by Friday. I will post a picture of one later once I get them all together. I found this great shiny, silvery paper to print the info on. I just have to let it dry completely for cutting them apart and completing the assembly. Hopefully the kids will like them. The theme this year is "Evening in Paris". We pay for a "caller" to come and lead everyone in group and line dancing. It is a great family event as at least one parent has to attend with their child. The parents and kids all have a wonderful time dancing in a safe environment.

I have recently started reading several homeschool related books and two new books I received for my birthday. I will post more about what I am learning in a separate post.

I have been amazed recently how awesome God really is! He works in such wonderful ways. In ways we never expect and may sometimes miss if we aren't careful. I am trying to be more aware of how He is working in each of our lives and looking for those moments to share with my children what God is doing. I want them to learn to recognize that God is there with us all the time and that is a wonderful, not a fearful, thing!

I better get to bed as we have a busy day tomorrow! Have a blessed day!

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