Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas Celebrations!

We had a wonderful Christmas with many get togethers with family and friends. Here are a few pictures from Christmas day with just our immediate family.

My youngest received a Transformer set that he really wanted for Christmas. You can see that he can't even take his eyes off it!

Daddy gave all the kids a special gift this year---the all received a "Petey" in their own special colors. Even mommy got one! This is my oldest with hers.

Daddy gave my oldest son his "old" Playstation 2, so for Christmas he received several new games for the system. He has liked them all so far!

My youngest daughter also received a "Petey". The hat "Petey" is wearing is a gift from my Dad, her Poppa. She loves both!

We had a wonderful time getting together with all our extended family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The Lord is wonderful and faithful to His children! We are so blessed to have so many family members close by, not to mention all the wonderful friends we have in our lives right now!

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