Monday, July 07, 2008

The 7th of July

My kids have decided that we must have a new tradition for every 7th of July. Wondering why?

Today we ended up sleeping in late (instead of getting up to do some school work) and then I remembered that one of the homeschool groups we are a part of was planning to go bowling today. So, considering how late in the day it already was and that I was feeling somewhat out of sorts, I decided, "Hey kids, we are going to go bowling today!". They, of course, were thrilled!

The bowling alley closest to use offers a Homeschool Day every Monday from 1pm -3pm. It is a special price for 3 games of bowling plus you can purchase drinks and some food items for way less than their normal prices (which are really HIGH!). I didn't realize they were continuing through the summer until a fellow mom posted about our group going.

Anyway, we headed to the bowling alley, and had a blast. It was pouring down rain by the time we left though. We, of course, really need the rain and we didn't mind at all! (I forgot to take the camera...)

We came home and my oldest daugther asked if they could make a cake. I said sure. So they baked the cake, then I made dinner.

While the cake was baking and while I made dinner, the kids decided to play Monopoly which they haven't played in a long time! It is so wonderful when all four of your kids decide to play together and do so nicely for an extended period of time!

Once dinner was completed, as I was preparing to leave to go help a friend with her homeschool planning, they called me down to see how they had decorated the cake.

My oldest announced to me that from now on we had to celebrate the 7th of July with going bowling, playing Monopoly and eating cake! So, I guess we have a new tradition to uphold.....! Kids are so creative!

They obviously had a great day and I was very happy about that! We will get back to our schedule in the coming days as much as we can! :)

It has been interesting to see how the kids are adjusting to mom not being so stressed after I quit working outside the home recently. The effects of my stress was apparently affecting the rest of the family more than I realized! I thank God that He loves us and works all things out for our good. He knows what we need, when we need it and will make it clear when it is time for a change...even if that change is hard.

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sarahwalstonsblog said...

LOL! SO FUNNY!!! I love it. This is such a cute post! The 7th of July. Because the FOURTH was obviously NOT GOOD ENOUGH for your kids!!! HAHAHAHA What happens next year when the 7th isn't on a Monday and so bowling is going to cost you an arm and leg??

Hopefully Larry and I will still be friends.... hee hee