Friday, October 19, 2007

Ballet Milestone Reached!

Both my girls have been taking Cecchetti ballet lessons for a little over a year. My oldest daughter had the opportunity to take her Level 1 exam this past week.

She, as well as the other girls from her class who tested, passed! She was very nervous for the past 6 months anticipating this exam but she did well! She spent the rest of the weekend attending all day seminar classes with various guest Cecchetti teachers. She is now exhausted and sore but she had a great time!

Congratulations sweetheart! All your hard work and studying paid off!

Here are a few pictures from exam day!

Waiting to go into the exam.

After the exam!

"Sitting Pretty"

Beautiful Ballet Painting with our 5 beautiful girls!

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Anonymous said...

YAY for Bethany and all the girls! They did great and I am looking forward to our Ice Cream Float Sundae Cone Party on Thursday! :)